What Makes Yoga W/ Marca Unique? 

Yoga W/ Marca is a well-balanced approach to accessible, adaptable yoga that rests on the fundamental belief that yoga is a modest pursuit that can and should be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, gender, mobility, limitations, size and other characteristics that might preclude a person from starting and maintaining this life-transforming practice.  

What Style of Yoga is Taught? 

Yoga W/ Marca is a school for classical yoga instruction in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar.

What is Iyengar Yoga? 

Medical research has shown that Iyengar yoga is effective at improving musculoskeletal pain (including back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles), mobility, strength, depressive symptoms, mood, physical function, body image, balance, anxiety, dysmenorrhea, urinary incontinence, and gastrointestinal disorders. It would also be wise to stress the rigorous training process. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYT) undergo years of intensive training in the school of Iyengar Yoga. CIYTs are certified by a national board of the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States (IYNAUS). IYNAUS sets national standards that are assessed through an objective third party committee through written exams, a demonstrated practice, and a teaching skills assessment. Iyengar Yoga is recognized for excelling at modifying yoga practices for those with special needs. The structure of these modifications can occur in general classes, private instruction, minor ailment group classes, specialized classes for seniors, gentle classes, and therapy classes. While all of the above yoga classes can be thought of as therapy classes, the advanced therapy classes, based off of the Iyengar medical classes taught in Pune, are taught only by Senior CIYTs. These advanced therapy or medical classes are for individuals with more complicated conditions and usually multiple comorbidities that require more attention. Iyengar Yoga provides students with the tools needed to develop a safe and beneficial home practice to improve and maintain personal health. Iyengar yoga is the best choice for beginners or those new to yoga because it stresses: 

PRECISION - adjustment and instructions are extremely precise and personalized for each student to accommodate for any injuries or limitations a student may possess

SETTING - a person seeking Iyengar Yoga may find a general class, a minor ailments group class, a therapy class taught by a senior teacher for more advanced ailments, or private individual sessions

SEQUENCING - poses are sequenced with purposeful intent to directly target the student’s symptoms

PROPS - props used in Iyengar Yoga allow any student with any background to receive the full health benefits of the poses

TIMING - students are instructed to hold poses at intervals best suited for the student’s capacity; timings are outlined in a goal-oriented manner and vary between active and restorative poses

About The Body/Mind Connection

Yoga means 'union' and is the unification of the body and mind with the breath. It is also the union of the individual with the greater whole. Yoga is a cornerstone in leading a healthy lifestyle. In practicing yoga, one develops somatic-intelligence in which the positive by-products are many; decreased stress response, a fortified, healthy nervous-system, increased self-confidence, decreased inflammation, greater mobility, stability, flexibility and balance, and a reconnection with the self.  If you commit to a regular yoga practice, yoga will optimize your life.

BODY - Physiological Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

Decrease in cortisol levels, Likely increase in feel-good hormones: oxytocin & prolactin, Increased serotonin, Demonstrated improvement in memory, cognitive functioning, perceptual motor skills, & visual perception, Relaxes chronic muscle tension, Restores natural diaphragmatic breathing, Improves oxygen absorption and carbon dioxide elimination, Increases alpha and theta waves, Regulates hypothalamus at an optimal level, Certain techniques stimulate vagus nerve activity, Bioavailability of oxygen and glucose- building blocks for the production of neurotransmitters, Calms sympathetic nervous system while activating parasympathetic nervous system, Increase in GABA levels, Increase in Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

MIND - Psychological Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

Elevation of mood, Balances left/right brain function, Cultivates equanimity in the face of life's challenges, Develops greater self-awareness, Symptoms of depression are lessened, Better management of bipolar disorder, Greater access to feelings, which is a complement to talk therapy, Release of repressed emotions stored in the body, Increased ability to self-regulate. 

About Yoga W/ Marca Classes

Yoga W/ Marca is a dedicated yoga studio in Mount Horeb, WI USA that was started by Marca Hughes in 2008 as Bodhi Yoga, LLC. Classes are offered at all levels of instruction from Chair Yoga to Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Class passes accepted at all drop-in classes, with all teachers. Located in the lower level of 1505 Springdale St. Mount Horeb, WI 53572. 

About Marca Hughes - Owner & Yoga Instructor


Marca Hughes started Bodhi Yoga LLC, now known as Yoga W/ Marca in 2008. She has been teaching and building a yoga community in the Mount Horeb and surrounding Madison area since 2005.  She discovered yoga in the 90's while attending college and has continued to study yoga since. Her love of yoga has been largely influenced by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar although she draws inspiration from infinite sources. Marca knows yoga as a medium for cultivating inspiration by way of moving precious energy through the body. Each class offers carefully designed sequencing to explore the depths of the physical body in effort to still the mind. Her class offerings cater to all levels as her philosophy is one of inclusivity and encouragement.  Each class has a common thread emphasizing breath, internal awareness, alignment, and grounding. She aims to guide each student back to their true nature.  Marca offers classes that meet the student where they are. In addition to teaching group classes to the general public, Marca sees clients privately offering one-on-one individualized yoga instruction. She specializes in introducing beginners to yoga, fine-tuning and helping one advance their practice, modifying practice around injury/illness, and using yoga to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

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For more follow link to a transcribed interview with Marca on the subject of yoga. 

About Jill Johnson - Yoga Instructor


Jill Johnson-headshot.jpg

Jill Johnson is a physical therapist and a certified Iyengar yoga teacher at the Junior Intermediate II level.  She began her study of yoga in the 1980’s in Madison and then moved to N.H. in 1998 where she opened a studio in Lebanon, N.H. She continued her studies with Patricia Walden in Boston and Janice Vien in N.H.  Jill has traveled to Pune, India six times to study with the Iyengar family and to assist in the medical classes. Recently, she returned to Madison to be closer to family and is looking forward to combining her physical therapy knowledge with yoga to conduct private yoga sessions and classes.

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What do I need to do if I am new?

Please sign up in advance for your first class as a new student.  If you prefer to register as a new student in person, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. New students can purchase a $15 single class drop-in class or purchase one of the multi-class pass options. If you aren't sure, take a class first and choose a payment option that suits you after class. 

How do I prepare for my first yoga class?

• Come to class on an empty stomach
• Arrive at least five minutes before class, 15 minutes is preferred if you are new
• Silence your cell phone
• Abstain from wearing fragrances to class
• Stay for the duration of class
• If you have to leave early, please leave quietly
• Yoga is practiced barefoot
• Honor your limitations by supporting with props as needed
• Always report any new injuries or health issues to receive proper modifications

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own yoga mat. If you do not own one, there are mats available for you. 

What do I wear? 

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and unhindered.  Dress in layers to allow for temperature fluctuation. Pants with some give are best. Avoid excessively bulky clothing so the teacher can see your alignment.

Can I Start At Anytime? 

Classes are drop-in friendly so anyone can come to any class at anytime, including beginners. So My Pass Purchase Doesn't Have to Align with the Seasonal Schedule? 

How Do Passes Work?

Your 5-class, 10-class, & 20-class pass term is three months and will expire three months from the date of your first usage. You can buy a pass any day of the year, no matter where we are on the seasonal schedule. If you are on a 30-day unlimited pass, you have 30 days from the date of your first use on that pass. 

How Often Should I Practice Yoga? 

Committing to a regular practice whether it is once a week or every day, is . It is best to be consistent in your practice and attend class regularly. This is the only way to develop a strong foundation in yoga and a practice of integrity. 

Can Children Attend Classes? 

Children can attend yoga classes starting at age 8 as long as they are with a parent and are able to practice with the group and not create a distraction. Children 14 and up do not need a parent along to attend.  Please note there is a Youth Pass option for those ages 8-17. 

What is Savasana?

No matter what yoga class you come to, all classes end in a final pose.  Savasana, translated as the Corpse Pose, is the final resting pose in which we integrate our practice in complete stillness while quieting down the senses, mind and body. We usually spend the final 5-10 minutes of class in this posture.  Savasana is essential to your yoga practice and is one of the best parts of class! This pose is as essential to the mind as sleep is to the body. 

I am Pregnant, Can I Attend Classes? 

It is recommended that you do not begin a yoga practice when you are pregnant. However, if you practiced yoga prior to pregnancy and would like to continue throughout your pregnancy you are welcome to attend group classes. Jill Johnson specializes in working with pregnant and post-partum women and will accept students throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. If Jill's classes do not work with your schedule you are welcome to attend any class. Please contact instructor prior to attending class if you are in your third trimester or have any complications with your pregnancy.