About Marca Hughes 

Marca Hughes started Bodhi Yoga LLC, now known as Yoga W/ Marca in 2008. She has been teaching and building a yoga community in the Mount Horeb and surrounding Madison area since 2005.  She discovered yoga in the 90's while attending college and has continued to study yoga since. Her love of yoga has been largely influenced by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar although she draws inspiration from infinite sources. Marca knows yoga as a medium for cultivating inspiration by way of moving precious energy through the body. Each class offers carefully designed sequencing to explore the depths of the physical body in effort to still the mind. Her class offerings cater to all levels as her philosophy is one of inclusivity and encouragement.  Each class has a common thread emphasizing breath, internal awareness, alignment, and grounding. She aims to guide each student back to their true nature. Her classes close with a bow in "Namaste" which translates as "the light within me sees the light within you".

For more follow link to a transcribed interview with Marca on the subject of yoga. 

About Yoga W/ Marca Classes
Each week of the month will focus on the following types of postures:

 Week 1: Standing Postures

Week 2:  Forward Bends

Week 3:  Backbends

Week 4: Restorative/Pranayama (breathwork).

If there are five weeks in the month, the fourth week will review the work of previous weeks.

The final week of the month is always Restorative/Pranayama. 


About Meg Abene Newlin

Meg Abene Newlin

Meg is a longtime yoga practitioner and teacher.  She has studied extensively in many traditions including Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga and Bikram yogas. Her approach to teaching is steeped in a deep understanding of alignment with a healthy dose of humor and realism.  Meg loves to integrate inspiration from daily living and home life into her practice and teaching and vice versa.  Home, family, nature and the mundane day to day are where she draws most of her inspiration as well as regular study with friends and teachers.