1505 Springdale Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572
United States

T: 608 692 8453


Finding Your Way to Class

Classes are located in the lower level of the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic, 1505 Springdale St., Mt Horeb, WI 53572. Follow the driveway to the top of the hill. Enter rear door and take stairs to lower level. 


If you are parking in the rear lot, please reserve the first four stalls for the Gonstead doctors. If you arrive to a full lot, please try the front lot or feel free to use the Mount Horeb Public Library lot and walk across the lawn to the back door. If you are coming to a weekend or evening class, please know that the front door to the building is locked. During weekday business hours the front and back doors should be open. A final note about the rear door; there is an issue with the door getting easily locked with a simply bumping so please be aware as you enter that you don't accidentally push the lock in on the inside doorknob. Thank you! 


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