What's That Smell?

I am not the teacher who promotes sensory deprivation in class. I actually like to play with the use of our senses as we move and breathe and notice the interior world.  If you've been to class lately you've noticed new smells, perhaps. Each week, I've been diffusing unique essential oil blends to incorporate aromatherapy in my classes. If you know me as a teacher, you know I like to play music in my classes; a treat for your ears. I also offer temple massages at the end of every class; a treat for your sense of touch. And now a treat for your noses with various concoctions misting in the back of the room. This week I blended Rosemary, Lemon and Basil which supports the function of memory. As the first week of the new year, I thought it would be nice to remember who we are when we have felt most alive, most happy, most content. This memory could help guide us in the new year like a north start for where we want to be, where we are going. Some of you have asked where I got my diffuser. After a LOT of research, I opted for this diffuser. I read a lot of reviews and this one won out. I use therapeutic grade essential oils, mostly from Young Living and can tell you more about that if you're interested. Unlike perfumes which can be quite noxious, and often toxic, high grade essential oils are very compatible with most people and very seldom cause any sort of reaction. So breathe deeply and take in the sweet essence of these plants which can aid and support us on this journey we call life.