What do I need to do if I am new?

Please sign up in advance for your first class as a new student.  If you prefer to register as a new student in person, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. New students can purchase a $15 single class drop-in class or purchase one of the multi-class pass options. If you aren't sure, take a class first and choose a payment option that suits you after class. 

How do I prepare for my first yoga class?

• Come to class on an empty stomach
• Arrive at least five minutes before class, 15 minutes is preferred if you are new
• Silence your cell phone
• Abstain from wearing excessive fragrances to class
• Stay for the duration of class
• If you have to leave early, please leave quietly
• Yoga is practiced barefoot
• Honor your limitations by supporting with props as needed
• Always report any new injuries or health issues to receive proper modifications

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own yoga mat.  The following items will be provided if you do not have your own: a blanket, one or two blocks, an 8-10 foot, non-elastic strap or belt with a fastener.

Do I need to buy a new wardrobe for yoga? 

Absolutely not! Just wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely and unhindered.  Dress in layers to allow for temperature fluctuation. Pants with some give are best. Avoid excessively bulky clothing. 

I am a guy. Where do I get "yoga clothes"? 

You don't need yoga clothes per se. Flexible materials are best.  Prana is a great brand for men and can be found online and at REI. 

What about Parking?

There are two parking lots at Gonstead. During M-Sat open business hours you can enter the building through the front or rear door. After hours the front door is locked and you will need to enter through the rear of the building. You may park in either lot at any time. The first four spaces in the rear lot are reserved for the medical staff at Gonstead and must be kept open. The Mount Horeb Public Library has additional parking. Certain classes are quite popular and may require additional time allowed for parking.  

Can I Start At Anytime? 

Yes! Classes are drop-in friendly so anyone can come to any class at anytime. Newbies are always starting so don't be shy! Just show up and before you know it, yoga class will feel like home! 

So My Pass Purchase Doesn't Have to Align with the Seasonal Schedule? 

Nope. Your 5-class, 10-class, or 20-class pass term is six months and will expire six months from the date of your first usage. You can buy a pass any day of the year, no matter where we are on the seasonal schedule. 

How Often Should I Practice Yoga? 

Ideally daily! However, as a beginner you should simply commit to a regular frequency of attending a class- once a week, twice a week, etc. It is best to be consistent in your practice and attend class regularly. This is the only way to develop a strong foundation in yoga and a practice of integrity. 

Can Children Attend Classes? 

Children can attend yoga classes starting at age 8 as long as they are with a parent and are able to practice with the group and not create a distraction. Children 14 and up do not need a parent along to attend.  Please note there is a Youth Pass option for those ages 8-17. 

What is Savasana?

No matter what yoga class you come to, all classes end in a final pose.  Savasana, translated as the Corpse Pose, is the final resting pose in which we integrate our practice in complete stillness while quieting down the senses, mind and body. We usually spend the final 5-10 minutes of class in this posture.  Savasana is essential to your yoga practice and is one of the best parts of class! This pose is as essential to the mind as sleep is to the body.