New Students & Drop-Ins Always Welcome * Classes held in the lower level of Gonstead Chiropractic, 1505 Springdale St., Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Gentle Yoga

This class is appropriate for those who have injuries or want a more therapeutic approach to yoga. Taught by a physical therapist and certified Iyengar yoga teacher, there will be a lot of attention to alignment and the use of props to support the pose. Questions, email jill at: jilljohnsonyoga@gmail.com Taught by Jill.

Tuesday 4 - 515 pm Subbed by Karan Hase in September

Level I- Preliminary Poses

Level I is for Level I Yoga practitioners to begin and continue refining the fundamentals of a sound yoga practice. Classes are taught on a monthly cycle moving form Standing poses to Forward Bends, to Backbends to Restorative Poses from the beginning to the end of the month. This monthly cycle keeps the practitioner and their practice balanced. Beginning as well as continuing students are welcome to attend Level I Yoga. Taught by Marca.

Monday 8 - 9 am No class 9/2

Friday 8 - 9 am

Mixed-Levels Iyengar Yoga

Mixed-Levels Iyengar Yoga. This class is open to beginners as well as seasoned practitioners and each pose will be modified as needed for the individual. Standing poses, seated poses, inversions and backbends will be practiced. Taught by a certified Iyengar yoga teacher. For questions, email jill at: jilljohnsonyoga@gmail.com

Tuesday 530 - 7 pm Subbed by Karan Hase in September

Level I/II- Preliminary & Intermediate Poses w/ Inversions 

Level I - II is for continuing practitioners to refine and elevate an established yoga practice. We will explore an expanding range of preliminary and intermediate level postures. Shoulder stand, backbends, seated twists, forward bends and some arm balances will be taught in this class. Classes are taught on a monthly cycle moving form Standing poses to Forward Bends, to Backbends to Restorative Poses from the beginning to the end of the month. This monthly cycle keeps the practitioner and their practice balanced. It is recommended that you have had a least one year of a regular yoga practice before starting this class level. Taught by Marca.

Wednesday 815 - 930 am

Sunday 4 - 515 pm

Restorative Yoga & Guided Meditation- A Quieting Practice for All Levels

This class takes a "less is more" approach. We conserve energy by finding the balance between the active and passive aspects of our poses. We reclaim space, stillness, quietude, and with it we reclaim ease, peace, vitality, and clarity. Restorative yoga involves long, supported posture holds and fewer poses such as twists, seated forward folds, supported backbends, hip and shoulder openers, reclined postures, and sometimes supportive use of the wall. Dim lighting, slow and gentle movements will support a meditative environment. The last 15-minutes of every class will be spent in a guided meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga nidra, or pranayama (breathing technique). Wear comfortable clothing. Open to all levels. Taught by Marca.

Wednesday 530 - 645 pm

6-Week Loving Kindness Practice- A Guided Meditation

There are many types of meditation. Variations of the loving-kindness meditation (metta) have been around for over 2500 years. Although old, modern research is showing that, in addition to being easy to learn, it creates well-being in its practitioners. It helps us to maintain emotional balance and perspective when confronted with both the daily hassles and big upsets of life. It gently breaks down the barriers in our hearts to feeling kindness and compassion for others and ourselves. Come joins us for this six week introduction to loving-kindness. Beginners and all levels welcome! Free-will donation, wear comfortable clothing, props and/or chairs supplied. Ngawang Thekchen is an ordained monastic of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and holds a PhD with a major in nursing and a minor in psychology. She has published in both professional and general journals. Lynn Messinger has had a meditation practice for 30+ years, practicing Tibetan Buddhism for 7 years, and has held a Loving Kindness Meditation group for 3 years.

Please RSVP.

Thursday 7 - 8 pm w/ Lynn Messinger & Ngawang Thekchen
6-weeks: 9/12 - 10/17

Stay tuned! Thekchen and Lynn will teach a number of meditation techniques in a six week class format. A Mindfulness Meditation Class will run Nov. 7, 14, 21, and Dec. 5, 12, 19. Thursday evenings from 7-8pm. More information to follow.



To keep our practice well balanced and unbiased, we practice yoga on a monthly cycle at our studio. The first week of the month is Standing poses, the second week of the month is Forward Extensions, the third week of the month is Backbends, and the fourth week of the month is Restorative Practice followed by Pranayama (breath work). The weeks will always begin on a Monday and finish on a Sunday. Do not worry if you aren’t sure what cycle week we are on but do contact us with questions or concerns.




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