"I enjoy yoga because it helps ground me, reminds me to breathe, and works those pesky cobwebs out of my body."

- Dusty


 "I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years."


 "I like twists as they wake up my muscles and help with my bad back." 


"I would tell someone new to just stay with it.  It’s awkward at first so start slow, your body will figure out what works for you as you go.  Every day is a little different, just show up and see what happens." 

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"Love Yoga W/ Marca; I have learned and grown so much in the 5 years I have taken classes regularly. Triangle pose is still my favorite, though!"


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“I really look forward to my yoga classes. I am so revitalized after class. And after attending classes regularly the past few years, my posture and core strength has improved. I feel very fortunate to live in a community that has such professional, knowledgeable and welcoming yoga teachers.  The teachers are fabulous!”


“Being part of a community while taking care of myself keeps me coming back.” 


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Yoga with Marca is so good for my body and soul!!


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In today’s fast paced, often very competitive world, yoga provides me the outlet to focus on my health and well-being from the inside out. Its my chance to center and just exist.







"I like going to yoga with my Mom.  We both have a great time!"


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"Yoga with Marca is a hidden gem!  I don’t have to drive to Madison anymore to find such a knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor.  We are truly fortunate to have her in our small town of Mount Horeb.  I have been doing yoga for 20 years, and it is not often that I’ve come across a teacher like Marca.  Her yoga is not the latest, trendy version.  It is the real deal!  She warmly welcomes everyone, at all levels to class.  And she is able to modify and adjust poses to make yoga accessible to all students.  I’ve suffered from back problems for many years and yoga has helped me immensely.  Marca’s technique stresses proper alignment of the spine and limbs, so I know I’m getting the most from each pose.  Her classes keep me feeling great and ready to chase after my kids!"    


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“Yoga is a physical manifestation of the work I’m doing — or need to do— within. If I’m particularly tight, I seek flexibility. When I stumble in balance poses, it’s likely I’m struggling for balance within. Marca is in tune with the energy of each student, even as we practice together. Her deep understanding of the spiritual foundations of yoga make her studio the ideal environment for comfort and exploration.”  -Keri

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I love the use of supportive props in Iyengar yoga.  The props not only help achieve deeper openings for the various asanas we do in class, they also help with stability and balance.  Marca  and the other instructors find a way for all of us to benefit from the poses we do through the use of props, no matter what stage of life we are in.  The support provided is also great for those of us who are recovering from an injury or surgery.