Asana is perfect firmness of body, steadiness of intelligence, and benevolence of spirit.

-B.K.S. Iyengar


"Yoga with Marca is a hidden gem!  I don’t have to drive to Madison anymore to find such a knowledgeable and experienced yoga instructor.  We are truly fortunate to have her in our small town of Mount Horeb.  I have been doing yoga for 20 years, and it is not often that I’ve come across a teacher like Marca.  Her yoga is not the latest, trendy version.  It is the real deal!  She warmly welcomes everyone, at all levels to class.  And she is able to modify and adjust poses to make yoga accessible to all students.  I’ve suffered from back problems for many years and yoga has helped me immensely.  Marca’s technique stresses proper alignment of the spine and limbs, so I know I’m getting the most from each pose.  Her classes keep me feeling great and ready to chase after my kids!"     ~ Amanda H

"I’ve been taking yoga from Marca for close to five years, I’ve followed her from a gym, to a private studio, to a community center and now to her current location.  I’ve studied yoga with a number of other teachers over the years, Marca is the best.  She is always well prepared, the classes flow from one pose to the next with no interruption.  As we are practicing a pose she is observing us and giving us constant reminders what to focus on during each pose, many times she will give a suggestions to help one achieve the pose easier when one is struggling or isn’t doing the pose quit right.  When we are finished with the active portion of the class and do Savasana, Marca will give those interested a temple massage with scented oil, for me this seals in the benefits of doing the practice and really takes the relaxation to another level.  I had to do a chore the other day preparing for winter that I struggled with five years ago, it was easy now, I attribute this improvement in physical ability to yoga.   Marca is passionate about yoga and teaching yoga."     ~Louise K

"Marca is an amazing instructor. She prepares each class carefully, but at the same time welcomes variations as needed. Her instructions are clear, vivid, helpful, and encouraging. She creates an atmosphere that radiates kindness, support, and acceptance. Everyone from first-timers to seasoned yogis will enjoy her classes."     ~Suzanne

"As a relative newcomer to yoga, Marca took my practice to an entirely new level.  My weekly sessions in her class are something to be protected and prioritized in a crazy schedule involving three young kids! As a physical therapist, I am incredibly appreciative of her ability to stay one step ahead in her instruction, cueing for correct posture and alignment and always reminding her students to stay in touch with their own “edge.” Her instruction has impacted the way I practice physical therapy, and has had a positive impact on my own health and wellness. I recommend her classes to anyone, novice or expert, and will continue to be a faithful student myself."      ~ Becky N

"Marca is a wonderful yoga instructor, not only is she fluent, but her sessions are meaningful and eloquent."     ~Tracy

"I have had a variety of yoga instructors through the years, but believe that in Marca's classes I am learning more than I ever have. In part, it is those consistent reminders of "wise actions" to get the most benefit from a pose and avoid injury." ~C. White

"I have been taking yoga classes, in various states and countries, for about thirty years. Marca is my favorite yoga teacher of all time, hands down. She brings a lot of tangible and intangibles to her teaching and practice- authenticity, kindness, knowledge, and, for me, just the right mix of physical and spiritual application. She's a good, enlightened soul, in the groove of her calling, and brings that to every class (along with her sublime temple massages!)"   ~Bill R., Barneveld, WI